mouse cursor for android Step 2: In the left-side menu, select Cursor & pointer. An easy workaround is to press the mouse on the host desktop, then drag to the place in the Android window that you want to press. ) If the Mouse Speed change often on Windows 10! With an automatic Keep Mouse Speed feature for Windows, it is the right desktop tool if the Mouse Speed change often! Change Mouse Cursor Size in Windows 10. I'm cannot write anything. In the search box, type mouse settings and click on the first result; Click on Adjust mouse & cursor size; Adjust the size and the color of the mouse cursor However, the cursor will be invisible inside the Android window, making it difficult to position the pointer. Requirements: Android TV – NVIDIA Shield TV, Nexus Player, Mi Box, and most other Android TV based devices are supported. 1-rc1, I noticed the mouse pointer is still there but it does not allow you to directly click on the screen. Android devices also have plenty of options when it comes to mouse cursor hider software, although the choices are not as many as Windows or Mac users. lge. To do that, you can simply press “ Windows Key + R Step 2: After that, you need to navigate to the following registry path. TeamViewer connection works just fine from another Linux machine, and also to that other machine from the very same Android device. cur) and animated (. In the Settings window, go to the Capture tab. Instead there is a draggable circular cursor that you have to drag with the mouse to use to navigate/touch the screen. 2) if Settings / Developer Options are enabled, check to see that Input taps and pointer location are disabled. com Or only black cursor can be hidden. There’s usually no waiting period for the drivers to install, and you also probably don’t need to mess around in the root directory. The problems are not every day or all day. It is a icon with somewhat wheel like image and ‘settings Customize your experience of using the Chrome browser with cool free mouse cursors. The next step is to buy, or locate an OTG USB cable. Resources. That is the only way I know that it might be occurring. Users are familiar with different conventions for interacting with different types of objects on large screen devices. > > now ,i want my client app can show the remote(rdp server) mouse cursor. The perfect app for power users that make extensive use of swipe gestures for navigation and glide typing keyboards. A black mouse cursor which frantically moved around on the center of the screen, with a tiny blue circle around it. 1, 8 and Windows 7. but no. There’s no touchpad driver option on device manager. i don't use any mouse pad. A cursor is a small picture whose location on the screen is controlled by a pointing device, such as a mouse, pen, or trackball. It’s free to download over at Google Play. AttendeesColumns; CalendarContract. Android doesn't have a built-in cursor (unless you plug in a mouse). rw-designer. ). Select the name of any cursors which you'll like to change its image. rw-designer. Source: Windows Central Once you complete the steps, the mouse speed will change to the level you specified. Mouse cursor movement (remote control mouse) - Slide finger on phone's screen to make the PC / Laptop mouse cursor make movement. Using Keyboard and Mouse With Your Android TV August 25, 2016 by howto Having a device such as the Droidplayer connected to your home TV opens up the internet like never before offering internet, youtube and movie streams at the click of a button. png format. This post explains the steps to change mouse speed in android. 0 on my android device. How can I fix problem or can I reset Android Studio settings? See full list on howtogeek. Version 1. Typically an image of a pointing hand. Both versions of the MINIX A2 are larger and heavier than every other air mouse I tested, with the exception of the gargantuan Measy RC11. When you connect the wireless mouse with your Android phone you will find a similar mouse cursor appearing on your phone screen. On Windows 10, it’s possible to change the mouse cursor. If you’re actually looking for a software application to help you hide your cursor free of cost and in an easy way, you could take the help of this great software called Cursor Hider. 3. Swipe from left or right margin from the bottom half of the screen. Add a mouse pointer mode to the remote control for Android TV. Dude. Metro X3 Cursors. Since cursors are with us almost since the birth of the computer, and it’s one of the first things that we notice on our screen, it makes sense to change the cursor style. 2. Scrolling, clicking, long clicking, and dragging – Works just like a regular mouse. Now, if you move your cursor past the edge of Desktop’s screen, it’ll automatically appear on the Android screen (if the Android is in sleep mode, it’ll wake up. It’s even possible to set up shortcuts and customize mouse Go to the 'Pointers' tab'. Features: Use your regular remote as a mouse. On many Android devices, you can connect USB peripherals to your device. Once installed, navigate to Settings and click on Device preferences. Firstly, let’s check to see if your phone is compatible with OTG services. Latest cursor sets. 20, 2015 4:10 a. This will open Mouse Properties window, here switch to “ Pointer Options ” tab. There shouldn't be a cursor on Android unless you intentionally placed one (such as placing a default cursor pic in the player settings below the icon. These free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both PNG and vector. 4. Yeah,i face this problem every time. com See full list on howtogeek. Newer versions of the Android operating system support a developer mode that shows touch events with a screen image and various apps exist that create a mouse effect for touch events. 4G Backlit Voice Remote Control with Wireless Keyboard Touchpad, Anti-Lost Function, for Nvidia Shield, Android TV Box, Smart TV, PC, Projector, HTPC - White. ★Use your Android device's keyboard to type on your computer with auto-correct, auto-complete, Swype, and voice typing. On Windows (1. That how android sends mouse coordinates. ; Have a web page or a blog? Learn how to add custom cursors to your web pages. 2. If you press the same activation button again, it will switch in to scroll mode. In the pointers, you click on the browse option given below. Adding in some of these system default cursor icons is easy. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse Step 3: Then on the right panel, you will see a string value In Android, the mouse cursor is only ever a black arrow, which removes a lot of the hover context we've gotten used to on a real desktop OS. If I move my finger left, the cursor moves left. ★Use your Android device to control your computer's mouse cursor by simply pointing your device at the computer's screen. The built in mouse stick provides the cursor control you need, no need for an extra mouse. Select your desired cursor image and then Click 'Ok'. Here is how it look like — the computer and Android phone are connected via USB cable, and a small software is running on both devices. Learn how to download and customize your mouse pointer. 6. Press Windows Key + I to open Settings then click on Devices. Air mouse it's an ANDROID App which uses smartphone's GYROSCOPE to control computer mouse cursor, sending motion info from android device using JAVA and UDP/IP to computer using C#. :-( I suppose that this is the reason why the Android team decided to consider mouse moves like cursor moves, making the mouse unusable to The given below screenshot displays the main screen of Mouse Locator Utility displaying the current Mouse Cursor Position in terms of Screen co-ordinates in terms of X and Y. Matt Elliott Feb. Both Linux boxes are basically identical software-wise (same operating system version, etc. “Mouse Properties” should open. Create your own collection of mouse cursors from any images. Since cursors are with us almost since the birth of the computer, and it’s one of the first things that we notice on our screen, it makes sense to change the cursor style. With the mouse, use Shift+Alt+Clickto add a caret and Shift+Alt+Clickon a caret to remove it. On desktop pc if you move cursor to border of screen and you still move mouse, then system still sends new and new coordinates. x), at least, it's no more work to have this style of cursor than the normal sort. I think I need to have a cursor to be able to put it in fullscreen, or possibly there's an accessibility feature that would let me scroll through the clickable buttons in the app, similar to the tab button on a computer. It should simplyfy screen sharing sessions and help your screen sharing participants comprehend your actions. 4. Step 1: Install Volume Key Cursor Control. My phone is rooted, so WTF I thought, I couldn't be hacked? But disabling the GPS fixed it. Set your mouse cursor to hide automatically. Use your regular remote as a mouse. The cursor is a pointer that indicates a link. Another option you have is to change the colour of your mouse cursor. Control Your Android’s Cursor with the Volume Buttons. Share. Move your mouse around to test the connection. xml). Android also has button tooltips that pop up when you The reason I had the block instead of the cursor was because the editor was in vim's View Mode as opposed to Insert Mode. Also, be sure to check out new icons and popular icons. On 27 February 2017 at 05:21, minenlink <notifications@ > wrote: > > I used freerdp 1. Please do not suggest that I use a mouse. In the Capture tab, check the Capture mouse pointer option. The program is busy in the background, but the user can still interact with the interface (in contrast to wait ). You can move the cursor with your dpad and click on things. 1) a Sony device solution is Settings / Accessibility / enable "Large Mouse Pointer". 2. If I pick my finger up the cursor stays, just like a touchpad. Both types are present in this library. Tap, long click, swipe, and pinch with just one finger! Quickly open, use, and dismiss Trackpad to interact with distant widgets! Trackpad lets you use your big phone with one hand. I can be USING the computer and the cursor disappears or becomes erratic/sluggish. In my case, I simply deactivated the plugin by going to Preferences -> Plugins, unchecking IdeaVim and restarting. Once you see the cursor begin to move on-screen, your mouse is connected. But if someone you know has difficulty in vision, especially old people, you can help them use the computer by making the cursor bigger in Windows 10. Thanks Don't Miss: Add Undo & Redo Options to Any Android Keyboard. To do so, follow the steps below: 1. The versatile cover protects your keyboard and transforms into a stand for most smartphones or tablets. com/webOSTV/desi…@ You do not need to do any sort of extra tweaks or rooting to use wireless mouse with your Android phone. How to add mouse pointer in android|how to set cursor in android mobile|add mouse pointer|app link-:DONT FORGET TO LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE Android metal Full Cursor Set by PetrPlaysTV. Here is the list of some of the best hand-picked custom mouse pointers. Remote Mouse 3204. progress. In Mouse Settings, tap on the Additional Mouse Options. You can easily do so from the Mouse & Curson settings. And changed my keyboard button actions. Long press activation button to I the same problem. When you’re in Storage, scroll Step 2:. Step 1 : Navigate to settings. Hiding and centering of mouse pointer in Android 4. CHANGE THE MOUSE CURSOR COLOUR. 2. If applicable, you may also want to change the USB port into which the receiver is plugged. Provided all the prerequisites are correctly in place, all you need to do is hold your Android device in landscape orientation, and start moving/tilting it to control the mouse movements on Android is mainly a touch environment, but it has had rudimentary support for mice and keyboards for years. i thought if i use a mouse pad then it will be okay. Other jobs related to hide mouse cursor android triggering animation mouse cursor flash , free mouse cursor trail javascript , mouse cursor controlled keyboard program , mouse cursor movement program , vbnet mouse cursor size drag , mouse cursor application winmo , mouse cursor windows mobil download free , windows mobile mouse cursor , flash With AutoHideMouseCursor, automatically hide the mouse cursor with an adjustable timer. The default size of the mouse pointer or cursor in Windows 10 is visible enough for an average person. Compatible with most phones and tablets powered by Android (Device must support Bluetooth HID profile. Then the IR cursor would move to match the mouse that Android has much like I have seen it do on Dolphin Emu for Windows. Mouse interaction mode (Android and iOS) Your finger moves the mouse cursor rather than clicking where you touch, as you might expect with a touchscreen. I also checked both mice for current drivers. Using Remote Mouse. Are there any APIs to allow an application running on one of these devices to programmatically change its mouse pointer? The description of Pointer Mouse App. These are usually fairly cheap, and absolutely necessary Step 3:. You can easily do so from the Mouse & Curson settings. As a result of that, and thanks for popular request, I finally developed a freeware Android app, for Android OS 4. Gamepads are NOT Show Your Host Mouse Cursor On Android. By using cursor we can save lot of ram and memory. You can drag-and-drop links, turn the Android device’s screen on by dragging the cursor over, connect multiple devices and more. 2 app I use an Android device called the Uhost 2 with an external mouse attached to it and would like someone to write an APK app that will hide the mouse icon as well as move the mouse cursor back to the center of the screen every time it is moved. Now whenever you press the Ctrl key (left or right) the round circles should surround your mouse pointer indicating where it is located. To use it remember it's necessary execute Air Mouse Server for Windows in the computer which you want to control, and have the computer and the smartphone connected Once activated, mouse will be in cursor mode. Let`s create an incredible atmosphere of your chrome. Usage. An (sort-of functional) example of how you can simulate a moouse on Android using a floating window and an Accessbility Service to click on Views. Android Mouse Cursor. Now from the left hand window pane select Mouse. Use a computer-like mouse/cursor/pointer to control your big phone with one hand. I don't understand why you would want a cursor though, but moving a gui image is your best bet That’s it! you are done. Open the project in Android Studio and run on your device. There are thus four possible combinations for any pixel: . Both Logitech mice have the disappearing cursor problem. The cursor can be used to do all sorts of navigating through the Android phone’s interface. user experience". even if i don't touch the mosue the cursor shaking at it's own. m. When using a modern version of Android --- Honeycomb or later --- there is support for displaying a mouse pointer if the hardware is appropriate. To take a screenshot with the mouse cursor, you've to first check the setting for it in Greenshot: In the taskbar, click the Greenshot logo and select Preferences. This is a program with which you can hide the mouse pointer after a certain period of inactivity and adjust the waiting time in seconds! AutoHideMouseCursor is a simple Windows application whose purpose is to automatically hide the mouse pointer for a user-defined time when the mouse is no longer moved. If you get to the edge of the screen, the cursor will come out of the opposite side. Your phone can be turned into a mouse … Remote Mouse is a nifty Android app that transforms your phone into a wireless computer mouse …. Thanks Someguy! ZYF Z10 Air Mouse Remote, 2. Yes, this means you can connect a mouse to your Android tablet and get a mouse cursor, or connect an Xbox 360 controller and play a game, console-style. Press the home key and select the title to “Add App to Favourites”. Next, click on “ Additional Mouse Options ” from the rightmost part of the Mouse settings window. Mouse Cursor Locator Download and use this Mouse Cursor Locator Application, but remember that this Application does not comes with any warranty and no claim is made Use a computer-mouse-like cursor/pointer to control big smartphones like the Note series effortlessly with one hand. Click on 'Browse', then locate the folder where the cursor set is saved. As JanithaR mentioned, there's no "default mouse cursor" in Android. Press again to go back to cursor mode. Update 1 (09/14/2020 @ 02:57 PM ET): Microsoft SwiftKey’s new cursor control feature is now available in the latest stable release. Reach the top half of the screen by dragging the tracker using one hand in the bottom half. You can change the appearance of this mouse pointer into an arrow with an addition to the Android manifest (AndroidManifest. Mouse Left and Right click support - Tap on the phone's screen to make PC mouse left button click. - Go to Mouse Properties -> Pointers - Under "Scheme", select "Android Material Cursors" - Click "Apply" and "Ok" Voila! It's done Tools used: Realworld Cursor Editor: www. ) After coming to Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android last Tuesday, as well as “add a personal touch to your Chromebook,” users can now theme the mouse cursor: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue Is there an add-on in Firefox for Android for controlling the mouse pointer using the remote controller, like in Firefox for Fire TV? Chosen solution If you could do that it would be great as it could help someone else with a similar question in the future. 3. Easy to use: 1. NOTE: The original hardware remote control is REQUIRED for this app to function. This will help you scroll anything on your laptop or PC right from your phone itself. For your uploading we recommend using: - Small images (optimally 16x16, 32x32 pixels, not more than 128x128); - Images on a transparent background, such as . This extension will highlight your mouse cursor and your mouse clicks. > what should i do? > > could you give me some suggestion? > > look forward to your reply. Event when the mouse is frequently used to emulate the touch, the reverse induces a poor usage of the touch. Learn how to download cursors. ★Pointer Mouse is great for presentations and large screens where a wired or traditional table top mouse or keyboard is not convenient. These cursors are inspired by Android's material design text selection cursors, LG's WebOS pink cursor, some Google's App elements (like the pull to refresh and scroll buttons) and etc. Scroll to the bottom for more information. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs. Under Services turn Mouse Toggle on. Most websites use a white background with black text, so it can make it difficult to see your mouse cursor. 2. If you want to disable the remote mouse cursor, please disable the "Show Remote Cursor" option. By default, we can't capture the host's mouse cursor, which makes using Parsec's new "Joy Mouse" (Select + UP on Dpad) control option on Android difficult to use as you can't see where the cursor is. This gives you precise control of a high-resolution computer desktop. On the android device, amongst all the icon is the icon to go to the settings. 52 has been released. Next, Hi I have written a guide which is hopefully thorough enough to avoid people getting bootloops, this process changes the cursor of a mouse connected by OTG to an Android device, I've tested it on three different tablets and one phone with no problems. We need to be able too see and use windows mouse cursor in windows for Steam Inputs global desktop configuration to work for controllers. Within the app, click Open System Settings. cursor not moving sometime and cursor goes back: Lenovo G50 cursor moves but won’t click on anything. Step 1: In the Windows search box, search for “ease of access” and select ease of access mouse settings from the resulting list. Find Mouse Toggle and select it. com/webOSTV/desi… Quick Cursor enables one-handed control on Android using a mouse pointer Smartphones keep getting bigger, but the need to use a phone with only one hand never changes. android connected mouse but cant see mouse cursor, android cursor not show connect mouse, it shows that mouse is connected but pointer does not appear in my android phone, mouse connected but pointer not shown in android, mouse not showing android, mouse pointer not visible android, usb mouse android no cursor, usb mouse cursor not showing android, By default the mouse pointer appears as a large circle on the TV. Helps you to use big screens easily with one hand by introducing a computer like cursor controlled with one finger by swiping from edge of the screen. com/cursor-mak…@ Photoshop Inspired by: WebOS's pink cursor: developer. Android out of the box luckily provides developers with some of the most common cursor icons that users are familiar with. Also Read: Top 15 Best Car Racing Games For Android Smartphone. ani). Use this simple app to hide your mouse cursor when you're not using it, freeing you from a distraction when watching movies or videos on your computer. Just go to Settings > Developer Options > Show Pointer location (or Show touches, whichever works) and toggle that on. I think the problem arose when I updated snapchat on my old M8. However cloud gaming android clients are messing with Steam Input because they are forcing android mouse cursor and are breaking Steam Input and controller support in games. For example, on the ASUS Transformer or Toshiba AC100 notebooks. The mouse cursor will default back to the original size. 3. Scroll down to Accessibility and click on that. PT Is it possible to have a touch control of the mouse cursor in Android instead of the use of a hardware mouse? Maybe something like the soft keyboard? mouse. Will try explain. There are two types of cursors supported directly by Windows operating systems: static (. Touch the tracker to click with the cursor. So this was all about custom mouse pointer images. CalendarAlertsColumns; CalendarContract. It is the desktop tool when the cursor is too annoying to them, such as when working with word processing How to add mouse pointer in android|how to set cursor in android mobile|add mouse pointer|app link-:DONT FORGET TO LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE The Mouse Activity tab, on the other hand, reflects the cursor’s vector to show you the exact movements of the mouse cursor on your computer’s screen. I don't know why it's happening. This is the easiest way to use your Android device as a mouse and keyboard. How To Activate Mouse Toggle. The cursor is defined in the following code: Public Cursor getString (String [] columnNames} { Pointer capture is a feature available in Android 8. This last part is the most complicated part to implement in order to make it functional,or in case I forget,it may have already been intact but this button dilemma prevents it from being practical. Yes, enable it. The tablet's screen now becomes like a laptop touchpad. It's pretty simple if you're using Android 4. Yes, enable it. Universal Mouse Cursor for the LG Classic lazertech abe if you need a different waze that doesn't have a built in mouse you can download this one. After that pop-up window open, here you select pointer . Using the system default cursors. The tracker will Remote Mouse lets you use your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone as a touchpad to control your onscreen cursor in a pinch. When the user moves the pointing device, the operating system moves the cursor accordingly. spilt water on laptop: when i switch on my laptop the cursor or the touchpad is off: My cursor keeps jumping around when typing: Touchpad can scroll and click but can't move the cursor Step 1: The first thing you need to do is open the “Registry Editor”. The app that we will use, Unified Remote, has over 100 advanced features, such as power on/power off, file browsing, and custom keyboards in its Pro version. The cursor is available in different colors to suit you accordingly and is made by the Devian Art member exsess. I made some research on how to display a cursor on Android. mouse pad can't solve this shaking problem. This article will show you how to use an Android phone as a mouse on Windows computers. When using a mouse with the android device then there is a need to change the mouse speed as per your needs. Once the app is installed on your device, we must still activate it for use. This is a good option because the mouse cursor by default is black. There shouldn't be a cursor on Android unless you intentionally placed one (such as placing a default cursor pic in the player settings below the icon. BaseColumns; CalendarContract. 3. This is especially useful when you are: • eating pizza with your other hand CHANGE MOUSE POINTER SIZE To modify the size of the mouse pointer in Android we have to go to the section Settings> Accessibility> Large mouse pointer NOTE: If the firmware don’t have this option by default is not possible tho change de pointer size This library contains computer mouse cursors for Microsoft Windows systems. This solution to change the mouse cursor speed is for windows 10, windows 8. Mice will be getting more useful in Android N with the addition of a new mouse cursor Mouse Toggle for Android TV A mouse for your Android TV . While most of the time you Using Android OTG to connect a mouse Step 1:. For Android: 1. Try to use a legacy desktop system with a touchScreen to feel what I mean. Black cursor could not be hidden 2. Find “Mouse” and click on it. On Windows 10, it’s possible to change the mouse cursor. 5. CalendarCacheColumns; CalendarContract. Go to “Pointer Options” and check “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key”: Click “Apply” and “OK”. Remote Mouse turns your mobile phone or tablet into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your computer. 0/5 (82 votes) Platform: Android There is no visible mouse cursor on the Android Client, when I remote in to a Linux (Ubuntu) machine from my mobile phone. 0 (API level 26) and later that provides such control by delivering all mouse events to a focused view in your app. Install Mouse Toggle for Android TV through Google Play Store $2. I do not want to use a mouse. 1. To combat this, enable "Display Pointer Trails" in your mouse properties in the Control Panel on your host machine. 2. I have tried Android TV Remote app and Mouse Toggle for Android TV app, nothing works so far. There are two issues with physical mouse on android : 1. wait. CalendarColumns - Go to Mouse Properties -> Pointers - Under "Scheme", select "Android Material Cursors" - Click "Apply" and "Ok" Voila! It's done Tools used: Realworld Cursor Editor: www. 20 most recent cursor sets that follow the quality guidelines. If your mouse doesn't start moving, try turning it off and then back on. 99. Middle mouse button scroll - Two fingers slide up/down to make PC middle mouse button scroll. Get free Mouse cursor icons in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. This is a very simple plugin that will highlight your cursor in chrome and indicates click actions. Mouse Cursor - choose from a huge collection of cursors or upload your own Install this cool and amazing Cursor extension and bring something special to your everyday browsing. We load the row pointed by the cursor object. The article as I never use the voice command features on my Android TV boxes, so having that feature in an air mouse is a waste for me. Note: If you don't see the developer options, you need to go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build number several times. Please click on the Screen Icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen when you are in a remote session, then uncheck the "Show Remote Cursor" option. Open Mouse Toggle, go into Settings and activate Mouse Toggle. That is the only way I know that it might be occurring. The app you’re going to need to control your Android device’s cursor from your volume buttons is called Volume Key Cursor Control. What I want is for an overlay of a mouse cursor to be on the screen. It can be used both with OTG Cable/USB Mouses and with Bluetooth mouses. This will bring up the Settings window. 0 or later. How to add mouse pointer in android|how to set cursor in android mobile|add mouse pointer|app link-:DONT FORGET TO LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE Peripherals Supported by Some Android Devices When connecting a mouse through OTG, you can use the cursor as a digit replacement and navigate the Android interface by clicking instead of tapping. When you first launch the app, you’ll see the app’s main page. In Android Studio, my cursor is white rectangle. ) On Android-x86 5. Use the Cursor speed slider and change the setting to the desired speed (slow or fast). com/cursor-mak… Photoshop Inspired by: WebOS's pink cursor: developer. This video covers the How To Get Cursor And Mouse In Android Device Install Mouse Cursor Easy Way Without Root or App Like || Subscribe || Sharehttps://goo . Vote: 4. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. A Windows cursor is formed of two bitmaps: A mask that blanks out the shape of the cursor, and a pattern that is then drawn in the same place using the XOR operation. 0 or newer that lets you choose a customized, bigger size cursor. Metro X3 cursors is a custom mouse pointers pack and suits both professional as well as casual styles. The cursor will be handled by the host until you release the button, and will remain visible. Go to Settings > Accessibility and turn on "MouseCursor". 1. Share. Hover over Mouse toggle and Enable. its fully kosher no background browsers and installs on the classic no problem. lge. The program is busy, and the user can't interact with the interface (in contrast to progress ). If you're ready to end your cursor-related frustrations, start by installing Youssef's app, which is called Volume Key Cursor Control. On other Android devices, you may need to connect them wirelessly via Bluetooth. If you need a faster way to add a bunch of carests, you can press Altwhile clicking and dragging vertically to select a block or a line. The Microsoft mouse is sluggish and the cursor takes a second to catch up with the mouse movement (erratic). Install Volume Key Cursor Control for free from the Google Play Store MOUSE CURSOR FOR EVERY DEVICE! ON NVIDIA SHIELD YOU ACTIVATE THE CURSOR BY PRESSING VOLUME DOWN THEN PRESS VOLUME UP! OF COURSE THERE IS A MORE CONVENIENT WAY THAT WORK ON ALL OF THEM IS BUYING A MICRO OTG CORD IN OUR STORE AND USE IT WITH YOUR DEVICE AND PLUG IN USB MOUSE DONGLE OR YOU CAN USE BLUETOOTH MOUSE! Is it possible to have a touch control of the mouse cursor in Android instead of the use of a hardware mouse? Maybe something like the soft keyboard? mouse. h-->left arrow j-->down arrow k--> up arrow l-->right arrow. mouse cursor for android